•  Odin Game Studio

We are an independent game development company based in Brazil. Some years in the market gave us experience to work with some publishers doing different genres like: Survival, Tactical FPS, Simulators and RPG. Our team is strong and has a great enthusiasm, always wanting to go further and enrich our company. The gaming industry is always changing, so we keep improving ourselves to deliver the best experiences to the players. Our goal is to create better and bigger games with a great team.


AereA - Scattered Lands

Release date: 2017

In this action RPG, the heroes must retrieve the Primordial Instruments that were stolen from the Concert Halls to return the balance and stability of the floating islands of AereA. Creatures that were peaceful now attack villages and cities and there is the risk of AereA losing their entire stability and fall into the unknown world Below. Choose the class that please you more, grab your gear and help to restore the order in the world of AereA - The Scattered Lands!

Better late than DEAD

Release date: 2015

A survival simulation game where players needs to survive on an abandoned island, with buildings and lots of nature elements to explore, with no fantasy plot. You awaken on an island with no memory but a child’s photograph is in your pocket. To uncover the mysteries of the island and the past, the player will need to search for resources and locate a way to escape. Played in both first and third person view, the game features a crafting system that is inspired by classic point and click adventure games. Players will not stack items in a table but will create new items by using actions like Cut&Tie.

World Ship Simulator

Release date: 2016

In WSS player can buy ships and then participate in various missions in three different ports: services, freight and tourism. Missions include different destinations, challenges on the road and has a nice visual and easy to learn. From small boats to large ships, the player will handle situations patience and caution - because, as in real life, small errors can cause a tragedy.

CTU - Counter Terrorism Unit

Release date: 2015

A strategy action game that will put players in tense moments, usually taking care of terrorists and hostage situations, but also having to manage the team and coordenate them in action. In CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit), the player is part of a special force against terrorism and criminals. Players can command invasions of homes, buildings and lead their teams against the enemy rather than just shoot them. They can also recruit and train their soldiers to ensure that they have the best performance in the missions.

Enforcer - Police Crime Action

Release date: 2013

A police action simulator game where the player can take actions used in real situations and explore towns, rural areas and forests while he/she is on or off duty in a sandbox environment. Drive police vehicles, imposes fines and catch the bady guys in this police simulator. In addition to your work, you have to manage your life as a civilian and can buy items for your home and new vehicles. Hundreds of missions combinations, vehicle options, weapons and neighborhoods of Mountain Valley will leave the player stuck for long hours.