In the past, we developed hundreds of advergames and apps. Now Odin is full time making games only. These are our last game projects.

Aerea - Action RPG (PC/MAC/Consoles)

Better late than DEAD (PC/MAC)

World Ship Simulator (PC/MAC)

Counter Terrorism Unit (PC/MAC)

Enforcer - Police Simulator (PC/MAC)

Heist and Run (iOS)

Key Members

Besides our local team, we work together with more partners in Brazil for asset production. Each game project can have up to 10 members or more involved.

Alexandre Kikuchi

Cofounder / Executive Director

He manages the company and has many other roles (programmer, producer and designer). He play a lot of games and he is an Airsoft player.

Thiago Bertoni

Cofounder / Production Director

He manages some of the teams and has many other roles (artist, designer and programmer). He is great on Chess and loves FF7.

Eric Garcia

3D Artist

He is a great 3D modeller and also already went well on a Microsoft competition (games). He is totaly addicted to games, movies and TV series.

Rene Bertoni

3D Artist

Rene learned how to make a 3D model in record time and helps in many projects. His spare time is dedicated to martial arts.

Bianca Antunes

2D/3D Artist

She is young, skilled and already worked with some nice projects.

Rodrigo Rocha

Game Designer / CM

He takes care of the community for us and is also a Game Designer for our RPG game. He loves to make Doom2 level maps.

Ulisses Dantas

Game Programmer

Ulisses is a very good programmer and a faster learner. He loves classical games and almost played every kind of classical RPG games.

Andre Scapinelli

Game Programmer

A young programmer and he likes to learn new code. He enjoy his bike ride and love some shooter games.

Claudio Matsumoto

3D Artist

He is new to the team and already working on some great stuff oO


Our office is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 5 minutes from Sao Judas metro station.

Social Channels

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Office Address

Av Fagundes Filho, 145, Room 39, Sao Paulo / SP, BRAZIL