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The game now has Steam trading cards!

Who will be the first to craft a badge? :)


Olá amigos, venho aqui com uma ótima noticia!

Entre os dias 09 e 12/10 estaremos na BGS 2015, presença confirmada e com algumas surpresas :)
Iremos apresentar pela primeira vez dois games que estão em produção e também iremos oficializar o lançamento de mais um.

Venham jogar conosco ;)

Sobre a BGS 2015


Hello all, we have some good news to share!
Between 09 and 10/12 we will be at BGS 2015 (Brasil Game Show) with some good surprises :)
We will reveal for the first time two new games and a new project too.

Come play with us!

About BGS 2015
Isso sim é começar o dia bem, não é? Foto tirada no começo do nosso expediente :)


Picture taken early in the morning here at the office.
Please take a look on what our mobile team are working right now :)


Hopefully in the next blog post we can reveal more information about the launch of Keep Out: Zombies!

UPDATE Released on Steam, you can post your screenshots on our forums! The best ones will be our fanpage banner :)
Hello guys, we have a new section in our new forums dedicated to MOD's.
Today I would like to show this new car texture.


This is just the beginning, Over time and with your contribution we will have a good range of MOD's.

We would like to share what we have planned for the next updates for Enforcer.
These will arrive in the next couple of months.

Update Batch 1

  • Vehicles will pull over when using only the siren lights – Players wanted to switch on their lights to pull over drivers, so we are adding this
  • The Light bar colours will be fixed
  • A selection of bug fixes – these will be detailed when the update has been released

Update Batch 2

  • New playable map
  • One more wearable police outfit
  • A new police vehicle
  • More options when pulling over vehicles (perhaps a mini game suggested by the community)
  • A selection of bug fixes - these will be detailed when the update has been released

We will also be adding Polish language into the game very soon too.

Thank you for all the feedback and bug report!
Ontem os fundadores da Odin se apresentaram na Campus Party 2015, o foco era Desenvolvimento de jogos com Unity3D, mostrando as principais features da engine e informações sobre o mercado de jogos.

Não pode comparecer? A apresentação foi gravada e pode ser assistida aqui!


Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new portal and game forum. Odin Game Studio is proud to announce our new team for games, player support and to publish what we are working for the next 10 months on 2015.

First, I would like to talk about our future games and current ones. Enforcer was considered a good launch for us and our publisher friends, Excalibur. We will keep supporting the game along this year and we will add more features if we continue to have players support. For the ones who doesn't know, we also have 2 mobile games on Apple Store and Google Play: "Heist and Run" and "Teacher's Cube". Soon (if not already) we will have dedicated pages here, in our portal, about those games.

Besides these games, Odin is working in more 2 titles for 2015: "Better late than DEAD" and "CTU", both with Excalibur. We will make new posts about this in the next weeks.

Odin is now bigger and has a new plan for handling game development. We plan to hit not only PC and MAC platforms, but also consoles (top secret yet, sshh). And now I can say we have 3 teams working inside Odin (everyone is part of the company). One team will keep updating Enforcer and working with some game ideas. The other two teams will work with these 2 new titles we have. Each team is small, but dedicated and they know what they are doing. As a small company, we have to focus and to work like this to keep the company running and to grow enough to have great games with quality. Our next games will always be better than the old ones (I think that's the plan for every game company, huh) but we will be up-to-date with all of our games.

Our portal was created to keep in touch with all players that will follow us in our next games (and current ones). This is the new Odin website and channel for showcase our games and chat with players. We are open to suggestions...